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Hello my name is Bob Pridgen and I have been coon hunting for 45 years. I own and operate Pridgen's Kennel and Training Facility located in Nashville NC. I hunt treeing walkers and prefer the River Bend breeding as well as the Wipeout and Yadkin river bred hounds. I am very hard to please and I know what it takes to make a top hound. I have raised and trained many GrNite Ch's, Nite Ch's, and PKC Ch's.

I've been training dogs for the public now for 20 years as my full time job. I have a twenty-five acre coon pen, a three and a half acre puppy pen and an 8 acre pen for squirrel dogs. If you need your pup started off on the right track give me a call and we will get things lined up. Until then, check out my "Training Facility" page for more information as well as our rates.

Here at Pridgen's kennels we are proud to announce the purchase of Grnitech PKC CH River Bend Switch. I am offering Switch to the public as stud. I’ve not been this excited about promoting a stud dog since owning Zeb Again, Zeb 3 or Coon Waxer. Switch is throwing natural starting, independent, classy tree dogs that have colder noses than most. Switch has been reproducing with every female he has been bred to and I feel that he will only strengthen the walker breed.

Old timers will tell you that River Bend Flag was a legend in his time which brings me to the point in saying that here is your chance to breed some of those old Flag traits back into your breeding program. If I can assist you in any way regarding Switch or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give me a call. For more information on Switch please check out our "At Stud" page. I look forward to talking and doing business with you. Thanks and God Bless.

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Pridgen's Kennel and Training Facility
Bob Pridgen
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